So much to see, so confusing to figure out.  After covering over 100 miles of trails and visiting all of the monuments, I put this site together to help others plan their visit. 





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Chickamauga Battlefield Unofficial Visitor's Guide, Bragg, Thomas, 125th Ohio, York's Georgia Battery Sam Watkins, Chattanooga, Jay's Mill, Brotherton Cabin, Battleline Road, Snodgrass Cabin, Snodgrass Ridge, Horseshoe Ridge, Rock of Chickamauga, Davis Crossroads, Cameron Hill, Fort Wood, Orchard Knob, Missionary Ridge, Bragg Reservation, Ingraham, Georgia Volunteers, Company Aytch, Night Among the Dead, Bull, Hood, wounded, Michigan Loomis Battery, 77th Pennsylvania, Ohio, 14th Corps, National Military Park, Chickamauga Battlefield Unofficial Visitor's Guide